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Home Sellers In Hot Markets Are Slashing Prices As Demand Plummets

Realtors See Commissions Plummet As Home Sellers Are Slashing Prices In Hot Markets As Housing Demand Drops Price drops are becoming increasingly common as home sellers are slashing their prices in some of the most popular housing markets. Redfin reports more than 20% of sellers dropped their price in seven of the 10 hottest markets….

By Steve
2 min read

Rampant Deed Fraud Finally Being Addressed By Florida Counties

Florida Counties Finally Address Rampant Deed Fraud. They Begin Cracking Down And Making Arrests Homeowners are dead and their heirs are getting stiffed. All thanks to rampant deed fraud. Deed fraud has plagued South Florida for decades and local governments turned a blind eye to it until now.  Authorities arrested two women they say got…

By Steve
5 min read