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Romspen Gave 3 Stoners Over $54 Million Dollars To Fund A Failing Cannabis Business. Now The Canadian Lender Is Shocked To Learn 2 Of The Partners Have Disappeared Romspen gave 3 stoners a $54 million loan fund their giant marijuana grow operation in Oakland, California. Now it appears Romspen’s money has gone up in smoke….

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Romspen Investors Are Mad As Hell And Want Their Money

Romspen Investors Are Mad As Hell! They’re Telling Romspen, “It’s My Money And I Want It NOW!” Most Americans outside the world of commercial finance have never heard of Romspen. Let alone, their Romspen Investment Fund. That’s because Canadian commercial lenders like Romspen have a reputation of being the Fredo Corleone of the commercial lending…

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Romspen Is Withholding Partial Redemption Payments

Romspen Is Withholding Partial Redemption Payments In August. They Cite Poor Loan Performance. Or Is It Just Cover For A Shell Game? Canada’s largest private mortgage lenders is at it again. Romspen is withholding partial redemption payouts to investor for the fourth time in under a year. The Canadian lender is citing weak loan repayments…

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