Starts Employee Layoffs Ahead Of Market Downturn

By Steve
September 9, 2022
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News Corp. Begins Employee Layoffs At In Preparation For A Downturn In The Market 

Realtor.comNews Corp’s has become the latest real estate company to downsize. 

A spokesperson declined to share specifics of the layoffs. They also refused to say how many employees and contractors were impacted.

However, the company said they are offering a severance package. The package includes COBRA healthcare coverage and outplacement services. said the layoffs are in response to market headwinds that could impact their bottom line.’s parent company, Move uses a fiscal year from July 1st to July 1st. Therefore, it counts as the three months ending on June 30 as it fourth quarter. Move experienced only single-digit growth. The company’s overall revenues only increased 4% to $193 million. The company’s real estate revenues that represent 84% of its overall revenues only increased 3%. also claims that the company still maintained a solid referrals business despite lower transaction volume. However, revenues from its lead generation platform saw volume decline 39% from the previous year. The portal’s web and mobile traffic also continued to decline. The average monthly unique visitors declined 13% year over year to 93 million.

Despite a slower Q4, News Corp said Move still managed to increase its fiscal year 2022 revenues 11% to $712 million.


News of the layoffs has yet to make its way to social media, with a sweep of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook on Thursday morning yielding no posts from impacted employees.


A growing number of real estate companies have streamlined due to rising interest rates and declining mortgage demand. Everyone in real estate and mortgage lending is bracing for a pending recession.

Fellow portal giant Redfin was the first to slim its workforce in June as a 17 percent decline in demand meant “there wasn’t enough work” for its agents, engineers, recruiters, trainers and other support staff.

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