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Did Accused Fraudster Michael Strauss Start A New Company?

Did Accused Fraudster Michael Strauss Start A Mortgage Company After Abruptly Shutting Down Sprout Mortgage? Did accused fraudster Michael Strauss start a new mortgage company? It appears he has and former Sprout Mortgage employees are pissed. Strauss abruptly shut down Sprout Mortgage in early July. He stiffed his employees out of their last paychecks. Sprout also…

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Sprout Mortgage To Shut Their Doors

Sprout Mortgage Is The Latest Lender To Implode Due To Current Economic Conditions Sprout Mortgage is shutting its doors according to multiple employees. The company informed employees on Wednesday. The company informed the more than 300 workers of the shut down in a conference call on Wednesday. Sprout had already instituted several rounds of job…

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