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Is Dan Gilbert Putting Rocket Mortgage On The Auction Block?

Is Dan Gilbert Planning On Selling Rocket Mortgage Amid Plummeting Originations, Layoffs And Talks Of “Industry Consolidations”? There is no doubt that the past year was horrible for Dan Gilbert and Rocket Mortgage. The company saw profits plummet faster than contestants on a Japanese game show. Seriously, Rocket Mortgage has seen their profits plummet 90%…

By Steve
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Is Rocket Mortgage CFO Brian Brown Blowing Smoke?

Is Rocket Mortgage CFO Brian Brown Blowing Smoke To Make Rocket Mortgage Look More Profitable Than It Is? Rocket Mortgage CFO Brian Brown says first-time homebuyers will drive the housing market in 2023.  Brown made his prediction during a one-on-one conversation with Fitch Ratings Director Shampa Bhattacharya. Brown speculated that first-time home buyers will drive…

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