NEXA Mortgage Quits AIME. Mike Kortas Claims He’s Being Bullied

By Steve
September 12, 2022
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NEXA Mortgage CEO Claims AIME Allowed Renegade Gangs Of Smaller Mortgage Broker To Bully Him On The Internet

NEXA Mortgage

Is NEXA Mortgage CEO Mike Kortas being a crybaby?

The CEO of NEXA Mortgage has pulled his company out of the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME). CEO Mike Kortas claims the association has allowed renegade gangs of brokers to “terrorize” him on the internet. NEXA  is one of the largest mortgage brokers in the country.

Kortas claims he tried to get AIME to address the issue by creating an ethics committee. However, he claims AIME ignored his pleas and cries for help.

Kortas told National Mortgage Professional:

Unfortunately, AIME will not support the big brokers. There (is) a small group of brokers in the association that control it and are terrorizing people. If you don’t think the way they do, they’ll terrorize you online to no end.

Seriously, a CEO of a company with 1,900 loan officers is getting his panties into a wad because people are poking fun at him on the internet. 

Mike Kortas would have never survived the industry 15-20 years ago. Back then, defunct websites like Mortgage Grapevine and Broker Outpost were hotbeds for internet broker fights, crazy accusations and name calling. I still remember one thread on Broker Outpost titled, “My Broker Punched Me!”

Brokers would have laughed Kortas out of the industry. Or worse, he would have been driven to eating Häagen-Dazs with a gravy ladle while curled up in a fetal position sobbing. 

NEXA Mortgage CEO Mike Kortas Shows “Evidence” OF  Brokers Being Mean To Him

Kortas provided screenshots that he says is of the online taunting and bullying by gangs of smaller brokers.

People posting these images call NEXA Mortgage a “cult.”

People have also claimed that NEXA Mortgage won’t do well in a tough market. NEXA’s competitors posted memes calling Kortas a “mental midget.”

One meme depicts UMortgage CEO Anthony Casa and former AIME Chairman as being Kortas’ “Daddy.” 

You may remember Anthony Casa. He got sued by Rocket Mortgage EVP Austin Niemiec and his wife for posting this video in 2020:

Brokers on both sides of the fight traded barbs back and forth in the comment section. One side bashing Kortas and other trying to defend him. One person mocks Kortas by saying, “Let me post about this feud to draw people’s attention to the dumpster fire I’ve created.” 

Kortas claims AIME doesn’t stand by it mission to foster and protect the growing broker community. 

Kortas also claims AIME Vice-Chair Evan Wade & CEO of Epoch Lending is trying to encourage NEXA employees to leave and start their own broker shops.

Wade called Kortas’s complaints “baseless” and claimed Epoch has a “moratorium” on poaching. 

He also said it’s Kortas and some of his brokers who are the bullies.

Kortas also admits he isn’t shy about attacking others. However, he claims it’s only to defend his company and its loan officers.

Again, all these comments about Kortas (even Casa’s comments about Niemiec’s wife from 2020) are tame compared to the trash talk brokers did 15-20 years ago. 

Kortas Whines That AIME CEO Katie Sweeney Won’t Stop The Bullies

NEXA Mortgage

AIME CEO Katie Sweeney

Kortas points the finger at AIME CEO Katie Sweeney. He complains Sweeney is a weak leader:

They don’t have a leader in place that is strong enough to handle some of these personalities. Now these people run rampant and unchecked.

He said he has raised the issue with Sweeney multiple times.

Katie did not care to discuss it whatsoever. She said, ‘You know what, then leave.’ So, here we are today.’

Kortas also said Sweeney’s response was flippant and apathetic. He claims he was surprised Sweeney’s response. Was he expecting to have Sweeney beg him not leave AIME? Sure, sounds like it. I’m surprised she didn’t tell him to pull up his big boy pants and be a man.

Obviously, no one taught Mike Kortas that whining and crying are not the qualities of a good leader. After all, no one likes a crybaby.

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